Tornado Premium Presets Bank


Tornado Premium Presets Bank

(12 customer reviews)

70.00$ 50.00$

82 FX for Live Performance.


The Tornado Premium Preset Bank is optimized for Live Performance.

It consists of the Ableton Live template with 82 Best Effects.


12 reviews for Tornado Premium Presets Bank

  1. Nice

    I’m excited about the selection of effects, thanks a lot 🙂

  2. Max

    Perfect for my style of performance. I create cool show.

  3. Robert

    Cool template. Everything is ready to use Tornado gloves for live performances. thanks

  4. Iolla

    Wonderful effects. Loved the vivid Uplifting effect.

  5. Max

    Great, I love it!

  6. Yan

    The tracks sound great, the compressor is set up correctly, I break everyone in the club.

  7. Bob

    Wow, so many great effects!

  8. Raymond

    Diversified and revived my performance

  9. Gabriel

    I’m not the smartest ))) but I managed to start everything myself and make a cool show.

  10. Justin

    There are complex effects )

  11. Omar

    I want more effects

  12. Henry

    Effects for all styles of music, loved it.

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