Tornado A1 | MIDI Controller Wireless 3D-Gloves

Tornado A1 | MIDI Controller Wireless 3D-Gloves

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Create and Visualize Musical Effects, Mix Your Tracks in Real Time using Hand Movements with
NEW MIDI Controller Tornado A1. Make a Live Show! Global DJ

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Wireless 3D-Gloves, DJ MIDI controller for creation and visualization of musical effects using hand movements without touching to equipment.

  • – Сreate Musical Effects using Hand Movements!
  • – Visualize the Music!
  • – Make a Live Show!
  • – 3D-Sensors + Keyboard.
  • – Traktor & Graphic MIDI Mapping
  • – Easy to use and Good-looking.

Global  DJ  Tornado  A1  is a  professional  MIDI  controller intended for creation and visualization of musical effects by means of hand motions, without touching the equipment. It gives the possibility to control parameters of virtual music synthesizers and effects in a visual way in the public eye and thus to create a spectacular live show.

Tornado  A1 strengthens DJ’s contact with dancing people, helps to create a good mood. Tornado A1 is the system that transforms parameters of hand motions by means of the MEMS technology in accordance with flexible algorithms and methods of the Motion Capture theory into MIDI control signals.

Tornado A1 wireless gloves are the main component of the Global DJ MIDI controller.  Gloves are equipped with a  convenient multifunctional multilevel  MIDI  keyboard attached to the backside.  Various  MIDI commands can be sent through use of one button.

The  MIDI  controller can be connected to the laptop/PC  through the  USB and therefore to various virtual music studios and players (Traktor 2 Pro, Ableton Live, FL Studio, VST plug-ins, Deckadance, Virtual DJ, etc.).

Global DJ Tornado A1 is the system that transforms parameters of hand motions by means of the  MEMS  technology in accordance with flexible algorithms and methods of the  Motion  Capture theory into  MIDI  control signals.

Certain technical parameters of Tornado A1

  • – A low requirement to laptop performance.
  • – Short delay for MIDI messages, 20 ms max.
  • – USB interface.
  • – Radio frequency range: 2.4 GHz.
  • – Radiation power: 1-10 dBm.
  • – Integrated antennas.
  • – Operating range: 5-10 m.
  • – Low power consumption for sensors. The controller ’s uninterrupted operation time is app. 5-6 hours when using small-size LiPol batteries.
  • – High interference immunity and operating reliability.
  • – Embedded protection against a generation of false MIDI control signals.

Basic advantages of Tornado A1

  • – Stylish and good-looking.
  • – Easy to use and practicable.
  • – Small-sized sensors.
  • – New flexible methods in parameter controlling of virtual musical studios.
  • – Perfect integration into such musical studios as Traktor 2 Pro and Ableton Live.
  • – High reliability.
  • – A multifunction keyboard on the gloves.
  • – Light follow-up of effects (dependence of color on angle or turn, etc.).
  • – User-friendly and intuitive software interface.

8 reviews for Tornado A1 | MIDI Controller Wireless 3D-Gloves

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Wonderful gloves, very helpful in live performances!Thanks

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    The customer service is 5 star excellent. Very patient and good teacher. He will make it work for your setup! Very cool product!

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    + Праграмнае забеспячэнне вельмі магутнае, усё можна зрабіць, што можна прыдумаць.

    + Інтуітыўнае кіраванне эфектамі.

    + Вялізны выбар ужо гатовых эфектаў.

    + Працуе пад виндоус і пад мак.

    – Цана завялікая.

    ў цэлым вельмі задаволены.

  4. Rated 4 out of 5

    Относительно недорого, я думал он должен стоить тысячи три долларов. Т.к. немецкий вариант стоил больше четырех тысяч евро, работал через вайфай который крепился за спиной, и не имел клавиатуры и визуализации.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Хороший мидиконтроллер для диджеев, благодаря перчатке уверенно держится на руках, потрясающие мощные эффекты в базовом наборе прессетов. Особенно радует возможность графического меппинга множества параметров одновременно. Мой комплект клавиатур не обтянут кожей, заказываю комплект кожи для клавиатур черного цвета через контактную форму.


    Would you like your music to step up to a new visual level? Do you want to gain more freedom, visibility and emotional connection with your fans? If so, then Tornado MIDI Gloves are made for you! Create effects while dancing!

    Dmitro on Apr 22, 2015


    Your psychoemotional condition and individual bioelectrical characteristics of your hands do not affect the gloves’ operation. This advantage is not present with the systems, using the bioelectrical signals and muscle impulses of hands to detect gestures.

    Paul on Apr 22, 2015

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